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Reyes – Trailer Release - Upcoming international touched german feature film #lookbehindthemask

Patrick Altkupfer
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Reyes – Trailer Release - Upcoming international touched german feature film #lookbehindthemask

Reyes – Trailer Release - Upcoming international touched german feature film. #lookbehindthemask

German genre film with international touch

Hamburg, 31.03.2017 - What do Switzerland, Mexico, Sweden and Germany have in common? Production companies from all of these countries were involved in German mystery horror movie "Reyes". International production companies are working on this project together under the leadership of Uprise Pictures [DE]. The poster motif is now online and first trailer celebrated its premiere at the end of March.

Reyes is directors Patrick Templin feature film debut, who can already look back on his work history as a producer. It tells the story of author Mick suffering from depression that will be embodied by Danish Actor Kim Sønderholm. Mick is at the low point of his life as decides to return to his old home in order to get rid of his writing blockage and get back on his feet. "As the movie idea came to me, I already envisioned Kim as the main protagonist. Only a very experienced actor would be able to handle the movie", says director Patrick Templin. Arriving at his old home he meets his lost love Leya. He discovers soon that she has a secret and is involved in mysterious doings. Her behavior is linked with a secret cult and bloody rituals. Ritual murders whose origin is far away. "It was especially exciting for me that the story space needed much relocation.

To such an extent that we have decided to turn the film into a co-production" said producer Flavio Speglitz. Team is preparing itself currently for a shooting in the 3rd quarter of 2017. Even now, it can already boast with an international cast. "Kim from Denmark, Bill Hutchens from Australia, Antonio Monroi from Mexico - and one complete segment will shot in Mexico. Not usual for a German independent film," adds producer René Wiesner.

The movie has been self-financed and therefore still hopes for support of sponsors and investors.

Credits & more side information:

"REYES" (2017) - A Patrick Templin Feature Film - Look behind the mask


Kim Sønderholm - Mick
Aileen Dankyi-Sampong - Leya
Shawn C. Phillips - Chairman US
Bill Hutchens - Chairman UK
Antonio Monroi - Otilio
Patrick Jahns - Sye
Moonchild Whiteskin - Alina
& so many many more...

DIRECTOR - Patrick Templin
CO-DIRECTOR - René Wiesner
PRODUCER - Flavio Speglitz, René Wiesner, Patrick Templin
WRITER - Patrick Templin
CO-WRITER - Peter Ahlers, René Wiesner
DOP - Jakob Günther
EDITOR - Danny Tristan
GRADING - Florian Stauber
COMPOSER - Danny Tristan
1st AD - Peter Ahlers
1st AC - Dung N. Pham
2nd  AC - Lukas Klenke
GAFFER - Lena Günther
SOUNDDESIGNER - James Walter Grau
& so many more...

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