Japanese Comedy Short SMELL BUT I LOVE YOU - I'd Buy That For a Dollar!

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Japanese Comedy Short SMELL BUT I LOVE YOU - I'd Buy That For a Dollar!

In an effort to drum up funds for upcoming film projects, Osaka-based producer Imai Taro has put excellent comedy short Smell But I Love You up on Vimeo On Demand to watch for just 1 dollar.

From writer-director Nagai Kazuo, the film follows the plight of Makoto, a man who's otherwise perfect girlfriend happens to have toxically bad breath. Actor Rudelman Daichi puts in a fantastically goofy performance as he goes to increasingly ludicrous lengths to avoid his lovers' death breath without hurting her feelings. 

Imai is a familiar face on Osaka's indie film scene, helping out on many productions while striving to nurture talent and develop his own projects. While he gets to work on his next feature, Smell But I Love You is well worth a watch.

Check out the trailer below and click here to see the film in full.

Smell, But I Love You from harakiri films on Vimeo.

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