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Indie Film The Breaking Point Gives Big Hollywood Movies A Run For the Money in iTunes Pre-orders

Karynne Summars
Indie Film The Breaking Point Gives Big Hollywood Movies A Run For the Money in iTunes Pre-orders

Fresh off the launch of iTunes pre-orders on April 18, 2017,  the Joe Gawalis psychological thriller film was in the top 30's in pre-orders yesterday.  Not a surprise, because this is a story that can happen to all of us, but God willing, never will.  

Protagonist Jim Thompson, superbly played by James K. Fulater, is an everyday guy whose life spins completely out of control when everything is rigged against him.  His American Dream of having it all, i.e. the beautiful wife, the two kids, a nice house in the suburbs and a great job, comes crashing down. Also starring in the gripping film are William DeMeo, known for Back In The Day (2016) and the upcoming The Life and Death of John Gotti, as well as Oriana D'Agostino, the femme fatale seducing William DeMeo's charactor Tommy to live the dolce vita much to the demise of Jim Thompson. Adding further to Jim's dilemma is his wife Julia, played by Michele Frantzeskos. What happens next is for you to find out by watching the movie as soon as it is available. 

Pre-order on iTunes ASAP. I make it easy for you and even provide the link here:

The film was expertly directed by New York based indie filmmaker Joe Gawalis, who also wrote the story and produced the film together with Chris Victor / Victor Productions. 

Here is a taste of the making of The Breaking Point from a day on the set showing Joe Gawalis' laser focus directing the actors he chose to bring his story alive.  The Making of The Breaking Point on Vimeo

Then prepare to be amazed by watching the trailer below. Indie filmmaking at its best. Congratulations to the cast & crew of The Breaking Point. A job well done considering that the big studio resources are generally not available to indie filmmakers. We, the audience, have to give them a lot of credit for their hard work and show our appreciation by supporting indie filmmakers appropriately. 

How can you help? First of all, please pre-order to keep the film in the top pre-order category and after you have seen it, please write a review if you liked it.  Just a few sentences will do, you don't have to be a professional writer for that. Once available on CD, you may want to purchase it as a gift for someone. Maybe for dad on Father's Day? Prepare him of what could happen in our youth and greed-driven society and ask yourself What's my Breaking Point?

#whatsurbreakingpoint is trending on Twitter.  Keep it going by retweeting.  Follow The Breaking Point on Twitter @whatsurbreak

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