THE BRINK: Filmart Teaser For Soi Cheang Produced Action Thriller Delivers

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THE BRINK: Filmart Teaser For Soi Cheang Produced Action Thriller Delivers

Soi Cheang and Paco Wong - the creative team behind SPL 2 - take up the producers' mantle for Jonathan Li's upcoming action thriller The Brink. And with the HK Filmart underay right now the first sales trailer for the film has arrived online promising big time stunts and action both by land and sea.

Police Inspector Tung tracks criminal Shing to a deserted fisherfolk village and catches Shing and his thugs in the act of smuggling gold from the black market. At the end of a heavy shootout, Tung is severely wounded and Shing takes off with the gold in a car. The car explodes and Shing makes a narrow escape and vows to catch the mastermind behind this sabotage. Tung comes out of a coma 3 months later and discovers his partner Tak has gone undercover inside a smuggling ring among the fisherfolk. When Tak goes missing, Tung disrupts a CIB operation in order to catch Shui Sing, a veteran who may know of Tak’s whereabouts. When Uncle Kau, leader of the smuggling ring is about to kill Tak on a fishing boat after Tak blows his cover, Shing shows up with his men to confront his adopted father. Turns out Uncle Kau collaborated with Blackie, the triad boss who controls smuggled gold to kill Shing so he can take over his share. To get even, Shing plans to rob Blackie’s vault. Tung shows up and saves Uncle Kau’s life, but Tak disappears again.

Jin Zhang, Shawn Yue, Yue Wu and Janice Man all star and while the freshly released trailer is almost certainly a preliminary effort it's already quite promising. Check it out below.

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