THE NARROW WORLD: Watch Brent Bonacorso's SciFi Short Film Now

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THE NARROW WORLD: Watch Brent Bonacorso's SciFi Short Film Now

Director Brent Bonacorso last graced these pages back in 2013 with his fantastic short film West of the Moon - a film loaded with imagery taken from dreams described to the director by children - and he returns now with the altogether different, though no less fantastic, scifi offering The Narrow World.

THE NARROW WORLD is the story of a gigantic alien that crashes to Earth and takes up residence in Los Angeles. Contrary to expectations, when the alien is neither hostile towards the tiny humans around it, nor communicative in any way, it falls on the populace to decipher what, exactly, this visitor wants and what it means for them. One man sees more to it- a message, perhaps, that may tell us less about the alien, and more about our deepest inner selves, about the mysteries of the soul.

Call it an arthouse kaiju film and you're not too far off and with the film now available in its entirety online you can check it out for yourself below.

THE NARROW WORLD from Brent Bonacorso on Vimeo.

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