Gotta Pet Them All. Live Action NEKO ATSUME Film Arrives In 2017.

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Gotta Pet Them All. Live Action NEKO ATSUME Film Arrives In 2017.

File this one under The Japanese Really Love Their Cuddly Cat And Dog Movies. And also under They're Making A Movie Out Of What?!

Japan's AMG Entertainment has announced that they will release Neko Atsume's Home in theaters in 2017, with Kurakata Masatoshi directing the story of a writer with a bad case of writer's block (Itou Atsushi) finding comfort (and fluffiness) in the growing numbers of cats that come to visit his home as he leaves food and toys for them to play with.

The film is an adaptation of ridiculously popular smartphone app Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector which, for the unfamiliar, is basically a spin on a tamagotchi in which you leave different foods and toys in the yard (and living room) of your digital house to attract a variety of cats who come visit, play, sleep, eat all your expensive food (damn you, Tubbs!) and leave presents. Yes, I've made friends with all the cats and collected all of their mementos. They love me more than anything in real life does. Here's a kitty from the movie.


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