Exclusive: OPENING NIGHT Poster Teases a Wild Time

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Exclusive: OPENING NIGHT Poster Teases a Wild Time

Ah, the wild and wacky traumas of an opening night stage production! It all comes together in the musical comedy Opening Night and we are pleased to present the exclusive debut of the poster right here.

Here's the synopsis:

Stage manager Nick (Topher Grace) has the odds stacked against him backstage on opening night of the new Broadway Musical One Hit Wonderland. He must corral the eccentric cast and crew after learning that Chloe (Alona Tal) had a drunken fling with the star, JC Chasez (yes, NSYCNC's JC Chasez). From prima donna back-up dancer (Taye Diggs), to a temperamental producer (Rob Riggle), to his leading lady (Anne Heche) suffering one accident after another, Nick makes sure 'the show must go on' in this R-rated musical comedy.

Directed by Isaac Rentz, the film will be released on various Video On Demand platforms on November 18. You can watch the trailer below.

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