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PATERSON Trailer Premiere: Jim Jarmusch's lyrical drama is transporting

Armando Dela Cruz
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PATERSON Trailer Premiere: Jim Jarmusch's lyrical drama is transporting

Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson, a lyrical drama that pivots around a bus driver who moonlights as a poet, looks uniquely intriguing even from his earlier works; which, if you think about it, is only the filmmaker being consistent. In the case of the new film, plenty of room seems to have been left for contemplation and thought, a feat that’s packaged perfectly in a transporting two-minute trailer which has just recently been released.

Watch it here:


Adam Driver portrays the role of the driver-poet, who roams the streets of his hometown whose moniker he shares (Paterson, NJ). Driver’s performance had been the subject of many reviews from the critical rave the film had received when it premiered at Cannes this year.

The film is getting a theatrical release in the U.S. late December; are you excited? Let’s discuss in the comments!


Armando Dela Cruz is a critic and writer at the Philippine-based film website, Film Police Reviews.
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ToryKOctober 3, 2016 1:21 PM

You know, I didn't even know this existed until about a month ago. It sounded intriguing - Jim Jarmusch and Adam Driver is a hell of a combination. Jarmusch is one of my gods, and Driver's probably my favorite of the current bunch of emerging young American actors. And with this coming out in December, I'd love to see Jarmusch nominated. Fantastic trailer, and what a nice surprise this has all turned out to be.

Armando Dela CruzOctober 3, 2016 2:17 PM

Looks like it's going to be a happy December for you, then. A fan from the Philippines like myself has to wait a bit more until it premieres here theatrically (if at all).

glah godOctober 3, 2016 7:32 PM

Kno. Gonna take valuable time out , watch!You kno there's the wayout flick ---"Fall (color/1997) "--- cab driver poet(s)---Eric Schaeffer and Amanda De Cadenet--- very real and way way out... "A scorching intense..." Los Angeles Times. Could this Paterson be remake? Wow. No. Bus drivers & cab drivers totally diff... moi totally outta line

ToryKOctober 5, 2016 1:41 PM

I'm sorry to hear that, man. But hey, it looks like it'll be worth the wait.

Sammy OinkfaceOctober 6, 2016 9:44 PM

Im fed up with Drivers wounded intellectual shtick. I get it, he looks weird and is therefore smart cause he couldnt get away with being a lazy attractive person, whatever.