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Okay. So there's this guy in India, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. He made a movie, MSG: The Messenger, a couple of years back that was incredibly awful, but in an "I can't believe what I'm seeing" kind of way. His movie was so awful that it broke the Indian censor board (don't worry, they built a new one), who originally refused to certify it as fit for Indian audiences.

He made a sequel, MSG 2: The Messenger, that I haven't seen yet, but the incredibly racist trailer has this man, a holy man in his own mind (and unfortunately the minds of millions of followers), fighting against a bunch of (black) tribals and attempting to civilize them. It looks dreadful and I can't wait to hate it in person.

Now this.

This just has to beat all.

The MSG 3: Lion Heart trailer is populated mostly by cardboard and LED light strips; it shows the religious leader fighting off aliens with PVC pipes and papier mache axes. At one point he punches an elephant. At another point he parts the seas. Then he fights the cardboard alien spaceships with a bow and arrow apparently tipped with sparklers. It's ridiculous, and I'm not 100% sure he's in on the joke.

Seriously. Watch this. It is nonsense.

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Fuzzy ComputingSeptember 6, 2016 7:45 AM

I could clearly see author's biases against MSG. Everything need to be analyzed in a context. Let me put this whole debate about MSG in a prospective with the following facts on ground:

Fact 1: The MSG phenomenon has created a parallel film industry in Sirsa, Haryana. The dera sacha sauda has developed all technical facilities required for processing films during production.

Fact 2: The area where this organization has the influence is mostly rural where audience love to see a film offering the complete package of entertainment, action, drama, and comedy.

Fact 3: MSG has a huge mass following as revealed by twitter trends, you-tube likes, and so on. The followers are crazy to watch their Guruji playing a hero in the film.

Fact 4: MSG 1 and 2 both achieved huge success all over the world as MSG 2 is still running even after a year of its release. The revenue collected by both films has already crossed 500 crores INR.

Fact 5: The success of MSG films is attributed to the support that dera sacha sauda enjoys among the community where Guruji has tirelessly worked for bringing the positive socio-economic changes in the region.

Fact 6: Guruji is Patron-in-Chief of “Shah Satnam Ji Research and Development Foundation” and “Shah Satnam Ji Green-S Welfare Force Wing” which are registered trusts. He provides able guidance and leadership to these two socio-spiritual organizations pursuing at least 124 different humanitarian welfare activities on a mega scale. Environmental preservation/protection activities as well as meeting environmental emergen-

cies are amongst the key areas of work. His initiatives are executed by a professionally organized work force of 70000 plus dedicated and trained volunteers having expertise from various fields of Medicine, Engineering, Education, and so on. His contribution in the fields

of social cohesion, environment restoration, drugs & alcohol de-addiction, public health care, women empowerment & gender equality, dry & organic farming is almost unmatchable and world-wide recognized as witnessed by numerous awards.

Fact 7: Guruji has chosen entertainment media to engage with the youth of the country and thus to channelize the youth-energy for a better humanitarian cause.