Watch LOOKOUTS, A Highly Impressive Fantasy Short

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Watch LOOKOUTS, A Highly Impressive Fantasy Short

Inspired by the work of Jim Henson and featuring what appears to be all in-camera creature and visual FX, Lookouts is an impressive fantasy short from new director David Bousquet. Certainly it rivals anything we've seen from recent big budget fantasy films like Seventh Son so I hope this gets him some attention.  

Lookouts was filmed in the misty overgrowth of Mendocino’s redwood forests and overall looks simply stunning. 

Synopsis: On their final trial as village lookouts, a troop of young scouts are ambushed by the very creature they were hunting. After a violent battle the lone survivor, Pehn, escapes into the shadows of the Eyrewood, a mysterious and deadly forest that is home to all manner of wild creatures. The most horrifying of all is the Basilisk, a winged titan with the power to turn its prey into stone. This is the beast the troop of lookouts were seeking, and now it hunts for Pehn.


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