LUMBERJANES Adaptation Finds Its Director, Emily Carmichael

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LUMBERJANES Adaptation Finds Its Director, Emily Carmichael

The Wrap just announced that Emily Carmichael will direct the adaptation of the young girls coming of age comic book series Lumberjanes from BOOM! Box comics. If you thought a coming of age show like Stranger Things was lacking girl power this is your answer.

Considered a female version of “The Goonies, “Lumberjanes” tells the story of five young girls at summer camp who must unite to fight a supernatural threat to the camp and the surrounding forest.

Carmichael has earned her stripes in short films for handful of years now and feature film jobs are starting to come at her at a quick pace. Only three months ago she was attached to write and direct the family adventure filck Powerhouse for producers Steven Speilberg and Colin Treverrow.

Towards the New Year I was looking for comic book series with strong female characters and Lumberjanes was recommended to me. The awesome thing about these girls is that the quintet are a diverse mix of cultures and orientations, and yes, they do have awesome adventures fighting supernatural powers that linger in the woods outside their Summer Camp.  

Lumberjanes is a bit tweeny for my tastes though and did not click with me like series like Rat Queens and Paper Girls (someone get on those!!!) do. My copies of Lumberjanes did find a willing recipient. The Girl One, daughter of The Wife One, married to our Lord and Master, gladly accepted my offering of girl power comic book goodness. Maybe she will let me join her when she goes to watch this in the cinema?

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