Austrian SciFi HIDDEN RESERVES Offers A Bleakly Beautiful Teaser

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Austrian SciFi HIDDEN RESERVES Offers A Bleakly Beautiful Teaser

Austrian helmer Valentin Hitz offers up a satiric, dystopian view of the future in his coldly precise scifi film Hidden Reserves. Scifi in the same sense that works of speculative fiction such as Fahrenheit 451 or 1984 are - or a film such as underseen gem Carre Blanc - it would appear that Hitz offers up next to nothing in the way of vfx spectacle here, instead presenting a bleak vision of a possible near future.

Insurance agent VINCENT BAUMANN is a cold-hearted careerist and slave to a relentless system set in the future who falls victim to the corporations for whom he works. He is demoted to henchman and tries stubbornly to re-enter the job world and fight his way back up the corporate ladder. In the process he encounters the activist LISA SOKULOWA, who not only questions his world but actively fights against it. Through her Baumann comes to realize that there are other values than income and material success. He ends up turning against his former ideology and helping another human being: Lisa. The two of them have no future together. But they can celebrate a small triumph of dignity against the ruling, all-powerful regime.

The first teaser for this one has freshly arrived and it's striking stuff. Take a look below.

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