Frontières@Fantasia 2016: Works In Progress - THE CHAMBER, THE DEVIL ON WHEELS, INNER GHOSTS, RADIUS And THE VOID

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The Works in Progress session is a strange beast. Think of it like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Like the porridge was too hot, too cold and just right, so is the kind of snippets of projects that you get to see: I Think I’ve Seen All That I Ever Need To See (Too Hot/Much), Sonuvabitch You Damn Tease (Too Cold/Not Enough), and Sigh, I Guess That Will Have To Suffice For Now (Just Right/Enough To Get Me By).

Friday morning we had an opportunity to see footage from five projects: The Chamber, The Devil on Wheels, Inner Ghosts, and two Canadian productions and Frontières alumnus Radius and The Void. What follows is just a collection of reactions to the footage that was presented to us. Work still has to be done on most of the projects but they are coming along nicely.

The Chamber - Writer/Director Ben Parker and his producer Jen Hardof some clips with us taken out of the first act that morning. The story is about a Special Ops unit that commandeers a research vessel and its submersible of the coast of the Yellow Sea, near North Korea. With growing uncertainty about what is happening on the ocean surface when the submersible reaches the target tension between the soldiers and the pilot of the vessel, played by Force Majeure’s Johannes Bah Kuhnke, reaches an all time high and the vessel will be crippled and begin taking on water.

The duo then took us through the production stages and sets built for this claustrophobic thriller. Parker said that a lot of the FX are practical. We got a look at the submarine set, an impressive set up with take away panels allowing Parker to get the angles he needed.

The overall feel from the selected clips we saw were tense and anchored by the performances from Kuhnke and their lead actress Charlotte Salt, who plays the total bad-ass special ops soldier in charge of the operation. Hardof praised Salt’s work on the production and called her role a ‘three dimensional female lead’.

The film has been sold to Studio Canal in the UK and is looking for international sales representation.

Rated: Just Right

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