Interview: Key & Peele Talk KEANU And Cats, Thumb Wrestle, And Riot Over Wacky Shirts

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Interview: Key & Peele Talk KEANU And Cats, Thumb Wrestle, And Riot Over Wacky Shirts

When I was asked to interview two of the funniest comedians working today, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, known to the world as Key & Peele, for their cat caper Keanu, I knew what I had to do: find the smallest, most uncomfortable batshit crazy cat shirt available on Earth and wear it for the interview.

That's exactly what I did, and it was a pure joy watching them lose their shit when I finally revealed it. (Pay close attention and you will notice I had to master immediately how to breathe and talk at the same time in this wild thing.)

Interviewing comedians is always a fun farce of buffoonery because you don't have to stick to lifeless questions like "So tell me about your character" and similar tone-deaf mumbo jumbo they are asked an unimaginable amount of times during press tours. (To be fair, sometimes these half-baked questions are inevitable.)

When I interviewed Tim & Eric for Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, I knew they wouldn't take me seriously so I went full dumb journalist, and it was a wild ride of ridiculous. (I won't tell you if Tim & Eric actually walked out on me, but if you read the comments on YouTube or are very familiar with these too odd and loony goons, you will figure it out.) 

With Key & Peele, I knew they wanted nutty, so that's what happened. Once my outrageous cat shirt came out to play, things got crazy. 

If you laugh at this interview, I did my job. If not, I'll still read your vicious comment that I'm not funny and tried too hard because you deserve a chance to be heard, you beautiful person you.  


(Thanks to Lacey Shields for the insane shirt and Mark Blitz for putting together this crazy fun interview! Two turtle doves, you are.)

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