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If there is anything that I love almost as much as I love watching movies, it is reading about movies. One of our favorite home video distributors, the unbeatable Arrow Video, is making its entry into the coffee table book market with their upcoming release of Cult Cinema: The Arrow Video Companion.

This book will include a compendium of writing on a number of films, some of which are illustated in the images below, as well as the delivery methods of cult home video into the eyeballs of viewers over the years.

Cult Cinema: The Arrow Video Companion is due at retailers in limited numbers on March 29, there is a pre-order link below. In the meantime, enjoy the preview images and details from Arrow Video in the gallery below.

Pre-order Cult Cinema: The Arrow Video Companion from MVD in the USA

Arrow Video is one of the foremost distributors of cult cinema on DVD and Blu-ray. From the classic to the obscure, the Arrow Video collection encompasses all styles and genres: horror films and Westerns, science fiction and sex comedies, yakuza epics and neo-noirs, the subversive, the transgressive and the unclassifiable. This hardback volume brings together 25 of the world's leading genre experts and critics to guide you through the multi-faceted beast that is cult cinema.
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