WIZARDS OF AUS: Watch The Complete Cult Series Now!

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WIZARDS OF AUS: Watch The Complete Cult Series Now!
It was back in mid-December that we first shared the trailer for Wizards Of Aus, the very very very tongue in cheek comedy fantasy series from writer-director-star Michael Shanks. Having started life as a web series concept Wizards was quickly snapped up by Australia's SBS who have expanded it and are airing as a limited TV series while still making the show available to all comers in more bite sized chunks online. And, yes, while the TV version hasn't all aired yet they've made the entire thing available at once online with the only caveat being that you need to head over to their website to to watch it. Which is not such a hardship, really, for something that is as much goofy fun as this. Check the trailer below, hit the link and head on over!
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