Get Your First Glimpse Of Bruce Lee In IP MAN 3 US Trailer

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Get Your First Glimpse Of Bruce Lee In IP MAN 3 US Trailer
Well Go Entertainment will be unleashing Wilson Yip's Ip Man 3 on North American audiences on 22 January 2016, and have just unveiled their first trailer for the film. There's plenty of new footage of Donnie Yen squaring off against Max Zhang and Mike Tyson, but there is also a quick glimpse of a certain nose-thumbing martial arts legend at around the 10 second mark, which might very well be our first look at Bruce Lee.

Previous statements relating to the character being portrayed digitally in the film seem to have been exaggerated. Danny Chan Kwok Kwan (of Shaolin Soccer and The Legend of Bruce Lee TV series) is apparently reprising his role as Lee, albeit with some degree of CG augmentation. 

Either way, Ip Man 3 promises plenty of wing chun action to get fans of the series excited. The film opens in Hong Kong on Christmas Eve before heading west a month later. Check out the new trailer below.
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