Fists Fly In Bondarchuk Produced WARRIOR (Воин) Remake

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Fists Fly In Bondarchuk Produced WARRIOR (Воин) Remake
There's not much in the film world that Russia's Fedor Bondarchuk doesn't do and do very well. One of the nation's most popular actors he is also a hugely acclaimed director (Stalingrad, Inhabited Island, 9th Company)while his Art Pictures Studio is one of the nation's most reliable producers. And Bondarchuk has both his actor and producer hats on for the upcoming Warrior (Воин).

The formula here is a familiar one, the story of a pair of brothers on a collision course to meet in the ring as both try to support their families and, yes, it certainly appears to be yet another officially sanctioned remake of Gavin O'Connor's 2011 picture of the same title. And rather a well done one.

No subtitles on the trailer, unfortunately, but take a look below for a taste of what Bondarchuk and director Andrey Andrianov have cooked up here.
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