Whatever Happened To Nakata? GHOST THEATER Trailer Fails To Impress ...

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Whatever Happened To Nakata? GHOST THEATER Trailer Fails To Impress ...
It really wasn't that long ago that Nakata Hideo was not just one of the most intriguing directors in Japan but in the entire world. Riding a string of success that peaked with - but wasn't limited to - Ringu and Dark Water, Nakata became a worldwide phenomenon. And for good reason: His films in this period were amazing. And then they weren't.

Perhaps it was the attempt at Hollywood crossover that did it, or the clumsy attempts to get out from under the J-horror mantle he had more or less created but quickly found restrictive, but whatever the underlying reason Nakata's footing, which had seemed so certain, quickly slipped and the decline has been dramatic. And based on the trailer the upcoming Ghost Theater is not going to be the film to bring him back to his former glory.

A young actress, Sara, who lands a leading role in a major play, soon encounters bitter rivalry amongst her fellow cast members which escalates into out-and-out hatred. Strange things start happening at rehearsals and Sara begins to investigate a very real and menacing threat.

Having failed to shake the J-horror label, Nakata has retreated back to the genre's confines with his recent work but at this point it all just feels tired and stale with even the technical aspects and production values feeling a bit shaky. The best I can hope from the international trailer - so, yes, English friendly - below is that it's a poorly edited and prepared pitch for the film that doesn't really represent the end product.
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