Opening This Week: Watch Trailers For Docos AVENIDA LARCO And DAUGHTER OF THE LAKE

Here in Peru, documentaries are rare in our theatres; Peruvian docos, even more so. The fact that two of them are getting released this week is quite an event.

Read more about them -- and watch the trailers -- below.

First up is Avenida Larco, director Antonio Rodríguez’s tribute to local prog rock band Frágil, who first appeared at the end of the 1970s and have since become a benchmark in Peruvian rock music.

This was mostly due to the title song, which perfectly captured the night life of Larco Avenue, located in the suburb of Miraflores. Nowadays, it’s considered a classic, one of those instantly recognizable tunes you know by heart.

The band are more than one hit song, though, and Rodríguez brought together founding members Tavo Castillo (keyboards), Luis Valderrama (guitar) and César Bustamante (bass), along with their on-again, off-again vocalist Andrés Dulude for an exhaustive, two-hour plus look at their 40-year career, one that has involved many lineup changes and five albums. It’s a respectful tribute to a band that’s still going strong.

Watch the trailer below:

Bonus! The 1980 video for the song Avenida Larco:

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