BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS: Scream Factory Announces U.S. Theatrical Date!

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BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS: Scream Factory Announces U.S. Theatrical Date!
You think your 9 to 5 job sucks? Get a load of the crap that Fran Kranz has to deal with in Bloodsucking Bastards, the Slamdance horror comedy from director Brian James O'Connell. 

Scream Factory Films, a genre theatrical imprint of Shout! Factory announced today that Bloodsucking Bastards will get a limited theatrical release, alongside a VOD release on September 4th! You can watch the trailer below.

Bloodsucking Bastards takes audiences on a hilarious, blood-spattered roller coaster ride in the most terrifying locale of all: the American workplace. The film stars Fran Kranz as Evan Sanders, a low-level, dutiful employee stuck in a boring job at a soul-killing every corporation. Evan's the kind of guy who does all the work and gets none of the credit, but at least he gets to spend his days with his beautiful co-worker/girlfriend Amanda (Emma Fitzpatrick) and his slacker best friend Tim (Joey Kern), so he soldiers on in the hope of one day getting his coveted sales director position.
Unfortunately, it all falls apart in one fell swoop when Amanda breaks up with him and Evan's boss Ted (Joel Murray) hands his promotion to his college nemesis Max (Pedro Pascal). And it isn't just their sordid past Evan has to deal with. After his fellow officemates start going through disturbing changes (which, paradoxically, make them better employees) and bodies begin to pile up, Evan learns the horrible truth: Max is a vampire. And even worse... a vamp with a plan.
Evan must find a way to stop the evil brewing amidst the cubicles, expose Max as the bloodsucking bastard that he is, and save his pals before his life and career go from just dead.

Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods) stars along with Pedro "Thumbs in his eyes" Pascal (Game of Thrones), Emma Fitzpatrick (Significant Mother, The Collection), Yvette Yates (Inherent Vice) with Joel Murray (Mad Men) and Joey Kern (Cabin Fever).
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Mathew CheneyAugust 11, 2015 3:27 AM

Watched the trailer and I hope they have it in my area in Tacoma, WA. Movie reminds me of my career. The trailer somehow got played at work after a presentation in our morning correlation room and the event sparked reactions within myself, my co-workers, but the most surprising displays were those of my 2 bosses, whose own reactions were, "to say the least", pleasantly out of character for me to witness... Proceeding this surprising instance of laughter; and seemingly brief bonding moment I shared with my co-workers and 2 Sales Managers (who I previously saw as empty vessels that delivered orders), I observed one of my sales managers, that was boiling over with laughter during that comical instance, making a Bee-Line towards me as I was discussing some data reports with a co-worker. As he approached me, I realized something that occurred during the morning meeting-turned "employee cinema empathy party" that loosely tied together any connection as to why my appearingly slick & intimidating boss "Willie", who I never exchanged much communication with before, WAS WALKING TOWARDS ME!... Near the end of the trailer, a humorous dialogue from Joey Kern set off the room and at that moment, when I physically turned my body to the left, acting on reflex from laughter, my boss and I laughed our asses off and shared a staring moment as we responded hysterically to this fresh new concoction of an everyday work scenario with elements of fantasy that showed deep resentful aspects of vengeance and your career, can't wait to see it.