Watch Christopher Frey's Evocative Short Film GRACE

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Watch Christopher Frey's Evocative Short Film GRACE
When we last wrote about talented Australian multidiscipline artist Christopher Frey in these pages - he's a musician, designer and filmmaker who helped create the title sequence for the Guillermo del Toro produced Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark - it was back in May of 2013 with his gorgeous short film Explosions. And now he returns with another striking short, this one titled Grace.

In a state of shock after discovering her lover's true deviant nature, Sarah has made a pact with a misanthropic young man;  if he helps expose her lover's secret, she will accompany him in an act of wanton destruction.
Having completed its festival run the full short is now available for your viewing pleasure below.

GRACE from Christopher Frey on Vimeo.

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