FAERYVILLE: Watch The Full Trailer For The Dystopian Teen Movie

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FAERYVILLE: Watch The Full Trailer For The Dystopian Teen Movie
It has been a long, long road for Tzang Merwyn Tong's Faeryville. A dystopic tale of troubled youth in Singapore the picture was made entirely outside the established system within that nation, where the politics of the picture put it very much at odds with the image that Singapore very much prefers to project to the world at large.

But Tong has persisted through the years and with a modest public release planned for this coming weekend, advance ticket sales are already selling out - prompting the local distributor to add more screenings.

Poe and his friends are pranksters at Faeryville College, often bullied by the oppressive fraternity. To protect themselves, they form a clique calling themselves The Nobodies. Enter Laer, a new transfer student who joins The Nobodies, inspiring them to move from stink bombs to homemade explosives. Youthful idealism soon becomes an excuse for all-out anarchy.
Take a look at the full trailer below!
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