All The Details You Need About Scream Factory's Releases Of HOWLING II And ROBOT JOX

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Start saving your pennies because Shout! Factory has two very cool releases coming up in July through their Scream Factory label. We have the final blu-ray details to share with you so you know all the goodness contained inside each release. 

First off, Stuart Gordon's Robot Jox will release on July 7th!

In the distant future, mankind has forsaken global wars for battles of single combat. The world has been divided into two opposing super powers, with each side represented by trained champions. Their weapons are huge robotic machines, capable of battle on land, sea and in the air. From celebrated director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond) and executive producer Charles Band comes ROBOT JOX, a riveting sci-fi action adventure. Directed by Stuart Gordon, the film stars Gary Graham (TV's Alien Nation), Anne-Marie Johnson (TV's In The Heat of the Night, JAG), Paul Koslo (Voyage of the Damned), Robert Sampson (Re-Animator, The Dark Side of the Moon), Danny Kamekona (Hawaii Five-O, The Karate Kid, Part II), Hilary Mason (Dolls) and Michael Alldredge (Scarface) as Tex.

The following week, on July 14th, S!F will release Phillipe Mora's Howling II

After newscaster Karen White's shocking on-screen transformation and violent death (in the original THE HOWLING), her brother Ben (Reb Brown, Yor, the Hunter of the Future) is approached by Stefan Crosscoe (Lee), a mysterious man who claims that Karen has, in fact, become a werewolf. But this is the least of their worries... to save mankind, Stefan and Ben must travel to Transylvania to battle and destroy Stirba (Danning), the immortal queen of all werewolves, before she is restored to her full powers!
Also starring Annie McEnroe (The Hand) and Marsha A. Hunt (Dracula A.D. 1972), directed by Philippe Mora (The Marsupials: The Howling III, Communion, The Beast Within), and driven by a pulsing punk-y soundtrack, this film is a no-holds-barred horror-fest that'll rip your heart out... and you'll like it.

You can find the covers and all the package details below. And when you pre-order right from Shout! Factory you will get either release two weeks before the street date. 

You can pre-order Robot Jox here

You can pre-order Howling II here

ROBOT JOX Blu-ray™ Special Feature:

· Audio Commentary with Director Stuart Gordon

· Audio Commentary with Associate Effects Director Paul Gentry, Mechanical Effects Artist Mark Rappaport, and Stop-Motion Animator Paul Jessel

· Brand-New Interview with Actor Paul Koslo

· Archival Interviews with Director Stuart Gordon, Pyrotechnic Supervisor Joe Viskocil, Associate Effects Director Paul Gentry, Stop-Motion Animator Paul Jessel and Animation & Effects Artists Chris Endicott and Mark McGee

· Behind-the-Scenes Footage

· 2 Still Galleries

· Trailers

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