First Trailer For Van Warmerdam's SCHNEIDER VS BAX

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First Trailer For Van Warmerdam's SCHNEIDER VS BAX
Following the international success of his most recent effort, Borgman, expectations are running high for Dutch director Alex van Warmerdam's upcoming Schneider vs Bax. the veteran helmer has fused arthouse impulses with a wickedly dark sense of humor throughout his career and that love of the absurd appears to be very much in effect with this new effort.

On his birthday, hit man Schneider's target is Ramon Bax, a writer. It's an easy job. It'll be over before noon. Schneider reluctantly accepts. Bax is recovering from a night of drugs and alcohol. When his daughter Francisca arrives, depressed and unhappy, they quarrel and she starts to cry. Bax suppresses his discomfort with vodka, a joint and some haphazardly chosen pills. What seems a simple hit job for Schneider turns out to be a lot more complicated...
The first teaser for van Warmerdam's hitman comedy is freshly arrived and while it's very dialogue heavy - and not subtitled - it's not hard to get a sense of the director's signature style. Take a look below.

SCHNEIDER VS. BAX - Alex van Warmerdam... by EveFielding
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