The Trailer For Matt Lucas' POMPIDOU Will Make You Want To Stab Out Your Eyes

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The Trailer For Matt Lucas' POMPIDOU Will Make You Want To Stab Out Your Eyes
Hands up everyone who remembers when Matt Lucas was funny. And I don't just mean a little bit funny ... during the first couple seasons of Little Britain, Lucas was arguably one of the funniest men on the planet. But then Little Britain proved overly willing to simply repeat jokes and catch phrases ad nauseum - a problem only exacerbated by the US set series done for HBO - while follow up series Come Fly With Me carried over the reliance on catch phrases, jettisoned even the tiniest little bits of humor and veered from time to time into overt racism.

I had hoped Come Fly With Me would prove to be the low point for Lucas and his comedic partner David Walliams, with a return to form following soon. It hasn't. While I've not kept track of Walliams' more recent work - he's been writing childrens books and adapting them for the screen - a trailer has recently arrived online for Lucas' latest opus, a BBC Two comedy titled Pompidou.

In a clapped-out old caravan parked in front of his now crumbling estate lives Pompidou, a tubby, pompous, penniless, eccentric, yet ultimately lovable aristocrat. He is served by his loyal butler, Hove, and the pair is joined by Marion, an elegant Afghan Hound.

Each week, Pompidou and Hove face a new challenge, from stealing back a priceless bowl they once owned, to extracting a live bird which has flown into Hove's mouth and is nesting in his stomach.

Written by, starring, and frequently directed by Lucas this is entirely his baby, the presence of The Thick Of It actor Alex MacQueen notwithstanding, and he clearly intends it to be his answer to Mr Bean - a physical comedy show in which the dialogue, when it exists, is largely gibberish. Lucas, however, is not Rowan Atkinson.

I don't post a lot of things here these days for the sole purpose of saying, "Wow, this is horrible." I find there just aren't enough hours in the day for such pursuits and I'd rather spend my time finding things I actually like. But this is a special class of horrible, coming from someone who really should know better. Beyond saying that I'm a total loss for words ... check it out below.
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