KUMIKO THE TREASURE HUNTER: Watch The Riveting Teaser For The Sundance Oddity

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KUMIKO THE TREASURE HUNTER: Watch The Riveting Teaser For The Sundance Oddity
An odd movie about an odd story, the first proper teaser is freshly arrived for the Zellner Bros Kumiko The Treasure Hunter and it's one fabulous bit of work. Kikichi Rinko takes the lead role, playing a woman who - believing that the Coen Brothers Fargo is, in fact a true story and the satchel of money buried in the film is still out there - travels from Japan to America to try and seek it out. And while the Zellner's stop short of saying that their film is factually true it certainly is based on an actual woman - Konishi Takako, who was found frozen to death in North Dakota in 2001 - and the urban legends around her presence in America at all.

Check out the teaser below!
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l3reezerDecember 17, 2014 5:11 PM

Honestly couldn't tell if the Fargo bit was a joke or not, but color me surprised. Trailer looks great; look forward to seeing how the film will evolve beyond its premise that is a rather blunt allusion.

Art VandelayDecember 18, 2014 1:44 AM

Rinko Kikuchi never ceases to amaze me. And this looks like she nails it again.