Get Behind The Scenes Of Panna Rittikrai's VENGEANCE OF AN ASSASSIN

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Get Behind The Scenes Of Panna Rittikrai's VENGEANCE OF AN ASSASSIN
Though the now sadly departed action maestro Panna Rittikrai was best known as a fight choreographer thanks to his long history with Ong Bak star Tony Jaa his skill set actually ran far deeper than that and I would suggest that as good as his martial arts work was, Rittikrai's true genius lay in his ability to stage and execute long take action sequences. Need an example? Go back to Born To Fight and check out the over-the-shoulder perspective based assault sequence of Dan Chupong making his way through the village with a shotgun ... it's one of the best video game inspired perspective sequences ever captured on film.

And it's this part of Rittikrai's repertoire being explored in a pair of new promo videos for his final feature - Vengeance Of An Assassin - that have recently arrived online. The first deals specifically with the creation of a long, single take sequence from the film with quite a lot of behind the scenes footage. And he other? Oh, they're just burning some guys on a roof. Take a look below.
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