Pink Eiga Brings Back DVD Releases With PRISON GIRL And MILK THE MAID

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Pink Eiga Brings Back DVD Releases With PRISON GIRL And MILK THE MAID
After three years of distributing Pinku titles solely on VOD, Pink Eiga is bringing back the DVD! 

What may seem to be a silly venture to take up again is, in reality, a response to their fans and the numerous requests that followed their VOD releases. "When will it be out on DVD?" It gives weight to the term 'Tactile Pleasure.' I guess a lot of folks like to hold something in their hands when they watch these movies. The DVD case! What did you think I meant? Weirdos. 

As the announcement goes, Pink Eiga went to their production partners in Japan and asked for new movies that they had not seen yet. Out of the 46 titles they were sent, they have chosen 14 to release in the following year. At the beginning of this month, they released the first two, Prison Girl and Milk The Maid, and sent them along to us for our approval. According to Pink Eiga, these films will not be streamed or available for download. 

Japanese cult genre icon Asami stars in Tomomatsu Naoyuki's Prison Girl. She plays Ayaka, a housewife who has recurring dreams that she is incarcerated in a women's prison where she suffers all kinds of sexual torment and abuse. She is concerned that her dreams may become her reality and she will harm someone close to her, notably her husband. Tomomatsu and Asami takes us in this erotic thriller where the lines between fantasy and reality continue to blur the further along the story goes.  

My concern with Prison Girl is that it is not so much sexy as it is sexual. Get my meaning? 
There is this distressing women's prison love scene where Asami's lover tells her why she is in prison as they go down on each other. This is not appropriate pillow talk! Likewise, any sexual action that takes place in the prison is usually violent and borders on rape fetish. Very little sexual action takes place outside of the context of the women's prison. Everything from the lesbian scene to the DP prison guard rape scene takes place in the prison. The sexual content of this film will not arouse everyone. 

Also it is really difficult not to snicker during the opening scene when the prison guard does his strip search of Asami, because every time he grabs (gropes) her it sounds like someone is scrunching rubber balloons. I am afraid that I will subconsciously make this connection when I am around a children`s entertainer making balloon animals at a child's birthday party. I will have to excuse myself so I can get rid of a chubby by thinking of that wrinkled grandmother who sat in the corner all afternoon mumbling about how the cake was too hard on her teeth. 

Prison Girl will appeal to those who wish their Japanese erotica to border on the dark and fetishist slant. It is one thing to get to see Asami naked. Her natural body shape would make Peter Paul Rubens gather up his paint supplies and wish for a time machine. Yes. I just made an obscure reference to a Flemish Baroque painter so I could compliment Asami's naturally shaped, nude body. It is another thing to see her during a nightmarish vision laughing maniacally while blood rains down on her. Sexual. Not sexy. 

My compliments to the foley artist though. Whoever they are they certainly earned their pay. To date I have not heard a squishier Pinku film. 

In Milk The Maid, Ruriko brings Milk home after running into her at the local shrine. Much to the surprise of her husband, Sohei, and her step-son, Koichi, because Milk is smoking hot and all decked out in satin Lolita gear. There is some tension in the home. Sohei is unemployed and Koichi is trying to get into university. Ruriko may be having an affair outside of the home. However, Milk confesses that she is an angel baby and she will bring about healing to the family. 

As the great prophet Marvin Gaye once wrote, "Sexual healing is good for me...". It will be good for this whole family. 

Billed as a sex-comedy Milk was directed by Watanabe Mototsugu, who also directed such charmers as Whore Angels and Sexy Battle Girls. It also introduces newcomer Tia to the Pinku scene. As Milk she is cutesy, girly, and voluptuous. She is probably not a great actress. She seems to be three sheets to the wind a lot of the time. But, the important part for Pinku fans is that she gets naked. Quite often. And so does Yokoyama Mirei as Ruriko for that matter. Yep. Lots of nudity in this one. 

All of the sex scenes are sensual and erotic. Nothing beyond consenting adults. It is all very tasteful and sticks to boy-girl. No, Milk does not give any sexual healing to Ruriko. Your DVD player would explode! 

As far as the story goes Milk The Maid starts out as a comedy and will conclude with a bit of drama. But there are funny gags like the guys getting nosebleeds when they see Milk doing housework in just an apron. 

What is actually pretty damn funny is during the sex scene between the stepson, Koichi, and Milk a little plastic disc swivels into view to blur out the cunnilingus. Hilarious. This little disc will slide into view later on, but it is just unexpected to see this pop up from below the lens. How do you direct that? "And go down on her and... cue plastic disc!" 

In November Pink Eiga will release the S&M Pinku Educating Yuna and in December they will release The Succulent Succubus, which also stars Asami. 
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