Keshales And Papushado To Remake Johnnie To's VENGEANCE

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Keshales And Papushado To Remake Johnnie To's VENGEANCE
The Big Bad Wolves boys are coming to Hollywood, word breaking today that Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado - the Israeli duo behind Rabies and Big Bad Wolves - have signed on to direct a remake of Johnnie To's Vengeance.

And, honestly, if you're going to remake a Johnnie To film, this is a pretty good one to pick given that the story of a French chef with a past traveling to Hong Kong to exact revenge on the people responsible for the killing of his family has a fantastic premise and flashes of To's signature style while also being severely hampered by a poor central performance from French singer Johnny Hallyday in the lead role. There's room to improve here, basically, where if you were to tackle The Mission, Exiled, the Election films or any of a number of other To films you'd be setting yourself a very difficult task. Plus, given that the Israeli duo will write as well as direct the remake - and that they have no shortage of other options, including projects coming together back at home - I would wager that they'll be given latitude to put a good amount of their own stamp on the proceedings.
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