L'Etrange Announces The 2014 Lineup

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L'Etrange Announces The 2014 Lineup
One of the world's premiere genre film events, France's L'Etrange Festival have announced their 2014 lineup and - true to form - it's a doozy. What's coming? Read on to find out!


20TH EDITION / 4 - 14 SEPTEMBER 2014 / FORUM DES IMAGES Paris, France - August, 2014

"I adore L'Étrange Festival. It makes you feel and discover scattered urges you didn't even know you had inside yourself." Alejandro Jodorowsky

L'Étrange Festival - a unique event bringing filmgoers a fascinating roster of provocative and eye-opening films - celebrates its XXth anniversary and is thrilled to announce the line-up for its 20th edition, September 4 - 14, 2014 in Paris, France.
The 2014 line-up continues the tradition of highlighting emerging talent, paying homage to independent-minded filmmakers and featuring a truly diverse program that includes cutting-edge works, outlandish genre movies, lost masterpieces, innovative shorts...
L'Étrange Festival is often regarded as the most "exciting cultural event of the Fall season in France" and is attended by over 20000 rabid moviegoers each year.

Over the course of eleven days, more than 80 features will screen at L'Étrange Festival, among which 2 World Premieres, 5 European Premieres and more than 30 French Premieres...

... such as THE VOICES by Marjane Satrapi, LET US PREY by Brian O'Malley, THE TRIBE by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, WETLANDS by David Wnendt, MY BLIND HEART by Peter Brunner or HARD TO BE A GOD by Aleksei German...

... and many high-profile Asian films such as THE WORLD OF KANAKO by Tetsuya Nakashima, TOKYO TRIBE by Sono Sion, MOEBIUS by Kim Ki-Duk, OVER YOUR DEAD BODY by Takashi Miike or HWAYI: A MONSTER BOY by Jang Joon-hwan...

A record of 22 feature-length films have been selected for the NOUVEAU GENRE competition and will vie for a cash prize award amounting to the purchase of the French premium broadcast rights by Canal+ Cinema. See full list below.
Last year, Russian film
THE MAJOR by Yuriy Bykov won this prize. And in 2012, the prize went to HEADHUNTERS by Morten Tyldum. Both films had their preview at L'Étrange Festival before being acclaimed by the public and critics.
The same 22 feature-length films will also participate our second International Competition: The

a "CARTE BLANCHE" offered to the fouding father of 'non-verbal' cinema Godfrey REGGIO (along with the French Premiere of his new documentary VISITORS).
a "CARTE BLANCHE" offered to the most sensitive French filmmaker Jacques AUDIARD (THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED, A PROPHET, RUST AND BONE).
a "CARTE BLANCHE" offered to the 'enfant terrible' of Japanese cinema Sono SION (along with the European Premiere of his new assault TOKYO TRIBE).

20 YEARS / 20 FILMS: a selection of the best of 20 years of L'Étrange Festival, from Harmony Korine's GUMMO to Clive Barker's LORD OF ILLUSIONS.
L'ÉTRANGE MUSIQUE : The PERE UBU FILM GROUP will perform a live underscore to the film CARNIVAL OF SOULS by Herk Harvey.

an INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM COMPETITION consisting of the most creative and innovative productions of the last 10 months.
And, last but not least, an unparalleled guest roster including such diverse talents as Ivan Kavanagh, Gerard Johnson, Noaz Deshe, Jonas Govaerts, Marco Riedl & Carsten Vauth, Fabrice du Welz, Benoît Delepine & Gustave Kerven, Gaspar Noé, Jan Kounen and many more...

Founded in 1993 by music producer, film-freak and journalist Frédéric Temps, L'Étrange Festival is often regarded as the most «exciting cultural event of the Fall» or the «only festival where you can run across the father of midnight movies and the father of slasher horror».

Since its inception, L'Étrange Festival has showcased the most exciting examples of contemporary international cinema from every corner of the globe, ranging from provocative documentaries, mind-blowing experimental works, atypical art- house dramas, eccentric or subversive comedies, bizarre children's films, vintage Hollywood B-movies, European sleaze cinema, Japanese sexploitation and even mainstream movies that dare to go the extra mile...

In the 20 years of its existence, L'Étrange Festival has built a reputation as a movie lover's oasis by offering a fascinating and vivid immersion in cinema's wildest, darkest and most adventurous ventures, through a special batch of premieres, third- run oddities, performances, special events and workshops.
«L'Étrange FestivaL is unique, in that it is neither a traditional art-house nor a horror or fantastic film festival.» says festival director Frédéric Temps. «We strive to show works that defy conventions and that challenges the expectations and definitions of their genres. In this respect, L'Étrange FestivaL adds another dimension to the movie-going experience which appeals to cult addicts, discerning connoisseurs, dedicated completists and regular movie goers alike.»

In years past the festival has been home to international, European and French premieres of SNOWPIERCER (Bong Joon- ho), ICHI THE KILLER (Takashi Miike), SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR (Roy Andersson), DREDD (Pete Travis), KILL LIST (Ben Wheatley), BLUE RUIN (Jeremy Saulnier), BIG BAD WOLVES (Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado), SAMSARA (Ron Fricke), CITADEL (Ciaran Foy), BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO (Peter Strickland), TAKE SHELTER (Jeff Nichols), DRIVE (Nicolas Winding Refn), GREETINGS TO THE DEVIL (J.F Orozco), RUBBER (Quentin Dupieux), FOUR LIONS (Chris Morris), BIBLIOTHEQUE PASCAL (Szabolcs Hajdu), BREATHLESS (Ik- june Yang), WARRIORS OF CHAOS (Tarek Ehlail & Matthias Lange), FIRST SQUAD - THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Yoshiharu Ashino), MOON (Duncan Jones), MARY & MAX (Adam Elliot), THE GREAT ECTASY OF ROBERT CARMICHAEL (Thomas Clay), MANDERLAY (Lars Von Trier), THE PIANO TUNER OF EARTHQUAKES (Stephen & Timothy Quay), NOTHING (Vincenzo Natali), TARNATION (Jonathan Caouette) and many more...

The 2013 Festival closed with the French Premiere of Vincenzo Natali's HAUNTER.

L'Étrange Festival's guest roster has included such ferociously independent talents as Kenneth Anger, Jello Biafra, Stephen Sayadian, Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick, Rutger Hauer, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Boyd Rice, Tobe Hooper, Eli Roth, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Nicolas Winding Refn, Roger Avary, Gaspar Noé, Bruce LaBruce, Uwe Boll, Marc Caro, Franco Nero, Hideo Nakata, Udo Kier, Norman Spinrad, Genesis P. Orridge, Kinji Fukasaku, Jack Hill, Shinya Tsukamoto, Takashi Miike, Paul Schrader, Diamanda Galas, Alexander Hacke, Mayo Thompson...

For more details regarding L'ÉTRANGE FESTIVAL,
contact festival publicist Xavier Fayet, at
+33 (0)6 23 60 08 29 or xavier.fayet@gmail.com We are now accepting applications for L'ÉTRANGE FESTIVAL Press Credentials.
For more information, visit




Short film Smart monkey - Winshluss (aka Vincent Paronnaud) & Nicolas Pawlowski (World Premiere) The voices - Marjane Satrapi (French Premiere) - introduced by Seung-beom Ryu


The world of Kanako - Tetsuya Nakashima (European Premiere)


« NOUVEAU GENRE » Prize & Audience Award (Unreleased & Previews) 1 - The tribe - Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

2 - These final hours - Zak Hilditch
3 - Let us prey - Brian O'Malley (French Premiere) - introduced by Brendan McCarthy
4 - Alleluia - Fabrice du Welz - introduced by director
5 - A hard day - Kim Seong-hun
6 - The canal - Ivan Kavanagh (French Premiere) - introduced by director
7 - A girl walks alone at night - Ana Lily Amirpour - introduced by director
8 - Tokyo tribe - Sono Sion (European Premiere) - introduced by director
9 - Killers - Mo Brothers (Kimo Stamboel & Timo Tjahjanto) (French Premiere)
10 - Hyena - Gerard Johnson (French Premiere) - introduced by director
11 - Cub - Jonas Govaerts (European Premiere) - introduced by director
12 - I Number number - Donovan Marsh (French Premiere)
13 - Faults - Riley Stearns (French Premiere)
14 - It follows - David Robert Mitchell
15 - Radio silence - Marco Riedl & Carsten Vauth (French Premiere) - introduced by directors 16 - Wetlands - David Wnendt (French Premiere)
17 - The Five - Jung Yeon-Sik (French Premiere)
18 - White shadow - Noaz Deshe (French Premiere) - introduced by director
19 - Open windows - Nacho Vigalondo
20 - Over your dead body - Takashi Miike (European Premiere)
21 - The dark valley - Andreas Prochaska (French Premiere)
22 - White god - Kornél Mundruczo


1 - Der Unfertige - Jan Soldat + Pierrot lunaire - Bruce LaBruce - (French Premieres) 2 - The house at the end of time - Alejandro Hidalgo (French Premiere)
3 - Moebius - Kim Ki-Duk (French Premiere)
4 - Perfect garden - Mara Mattuschka & Chris Haring (French Premiere)

5 - Near death experience - Benoît Delépine & Gustave Kervern (French Premiere) - introduced by directors 6 - Hwayi: A monster boy - Jang Joon-hwan (French Premiere)
7 - Asphalt watches - Shayne Ehman & Seth Scriver
8 - Arcana - Yoshitaka Yamaguchi (French Premiere)

9 - Rampage: you end now - Uwe Boll (French Premiere) 10 - My blind heart - Peter Brunner (French Premiere)
11 - Hard to be a God - Aleksei German (French Premiere) 12 - The distance - Sergio Caballero (French Premiere)

13 - Horsehead - Romain Basset (World Premiere) - introduced by director & team


1 - The go-go boys - Hilla Medalla
2 - The Miner's hymns - Bill Morrison (French Premiere)
3 - The search for Weng Weng - Andrew Leavold (French Premiere)
4 - Étrangement vôtre ! - Frédéric Temps
5 - Autoluminescent / R.S.Howard - Lynn-Maree Milburn & Richard Lowenstein (French Premiere) 6 - Looking for Johnny - Danny Garcia (French Premiere) - introduced by director
7 - Electric boogaloo - Mark Hartley (European Premiere)
8 - Visitors - Godfrey Reggio (French Premiere) - introduced by director
9 - Lost souls - David Greggory (French Premiere) - introduced by director & team


1 - New york city inferno - Marvin Merkins (aka Jacques Scandélari)
2 - Gold diggers of 1933 - Mervin LeRoy (musical scenes Busby Berkeley) 3 - Mondo Cane - Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi
4 - Continental circus - Jérôme Laperrousaz
5 - The Honeymoon Killers - Leonard Kastle


1 - Adieu l'ami - Jean Herman
2 - Babe 2: pig in the city - George Miller
3 - After hours - Martin Scorsese
4 - The French connection - William Friedkin
5 - Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss - Rainer Werner Fassbinder


1 - Sayat nova - Sergueï Paradjanov + Tango - Zbigniew Rybczynski
2 - Rekopis znaleziony w Saragossie - Wojciech Has
3 - Scarecrow - Jerry Schatzberg + Cops - Buster Keaton & Edward F. Cline 4 - Los olvidados - Luis Buñuel + Obibateli - Artavazd Pelechian
5 - Tarva yeghanaknère + Nach Vek - Artavazd Pelechian


1 - The human tornado - Cliff Roquemore 2 - Dolemite - D'Urville Martin
3 - Nice plate of spinach - Václav Vorlícek 4 - Videodrome - David Cronenberg

5 - Blastfighter - Lamberto Bava - introduced by Maxime Lachaud 6 - Busting - Peter Hyams
7 - Who wants to kill Jessie? - Václav Vorlícek


1 - Totò che visse due volte - Daniele Ciprì & Franco Maresco
2 - Singapore sling - Nikos Nikolaïdis
3 - The short films of the Quay Brothers - Stephen & Timothy Quay
4 - Hustler white - Bruce LaBruce & Rick Castro
5 - Gummo - Harmony Korine
6 - L'histoire du cinéma 16 - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
7 - Moon - Duncan Jones
8 - Lord of Illusions - Clive Barker
9 - Dead or alive - Takashi Miike
10 - Beyond ultra violence: uneasy listening by Merzbow - Ian Kerkhof

11 - Rampage - Uwe Boll
12 - Der Todesking - Jörg Buttgereit
13 - The isle - Kim Ki-duk
14 - Neighborhood Watch - Graeme Whifler
15 - Freakstars 3000 - Christoph Schlingensief
16 - Vibroboy - Jan Kounen + Tetsuo - Shinya Tsukamoto - introduced by Jan Kounen 17 - Hukkle - György Pálfi
18 - Intoxication (short film) + I stand alone - Gaspar Noé - introduced by Gaspar Noé 19 - Down terrace - Ben Wheatley
20 - Endhiran - S. Shankar


curated & hosted by Serge Bromberg A selection of rare silent short films with piano accompaniment by Serge Bromberg

42 films / 5 programs

Fumetti Neri at Galerie Le Cabinet des Curieux Common People at Galerie Arts Factory


(Audience Choice & Canal+ Award)



The Pere Ubu Film Group plays Herk Harvey's «Carnival of souls»

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J HurtadoAugust 12, 2014 9:56 AM

Only one Indian film, but if they managed to somehow get a hold of the Tamil version of Endhiran, congratulations to them. I've never seen that version play a festival.