HARD BOILED COP: Watch The Short And Long Versions Now

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HARD BOILED COP: Watch The Short And Long Versions Now
Early last month we brought Ulrik Bruchholz's short film Hard Boiled Cop to your attention, primarily because it starred German martial artist Mathis Landwehr. 

Landwehr has done loads of work in television (Lasko - The Fist of God) and short films (Kingz) back home in Germany, yet remains largely unknown on the international stage, which is a shame. Bruchholz himself is no slouch, having done a fair amount of stunt related work on films like Must Love Death, Cloud Atlas and the upcoming XYZ Films creature feature Stung (plug!). 

As the story goes, Bruchholz began working on a feature film back in 2008, but after three years production broke down. He took what footage he had and started piecing it together to make the climactic fight in the long version. Bruchholz did that with stunt coordinator Ramazan Bulut (Lasko - Fist of God) in the span of five hours. Five hours, people! 

The new footage is of him as the storyteller writing down ideas for his story, using the people around him for inspiration, and all the exterior shots. 

Pretty much everything else is all Bruchholz He did most of the pre-production, post, direction, and camera work, and acts in it as well. The results are impressive. His experience in special effects (Immortals) helps transform Berlin into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. His work in stunts also pays off, as there is some dandy work in that final scene, and you can catch hints of Desperado gun work in it. But it is meant to be an homage to 80s action movies and TV shows, and the admiration is clear and sharp-edged.

Have a look and decide for yourself which one you like the best. Start with the intro video from Bruchholz, then make your way through the short version, and then onto the long version. 
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