This Is BARAKATI Trailer!

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This Is BARAKATI Trailer!
There's a large gap between stories in our local legends that is open for interpretation that's been exercised in many great adventure movies like Indiana Jones.

Indonesian effort Barakati's first trailer only shows off the epic 300-style visuals and completely misses the chance to present the story in the hope that visuals alone can hook potential audiences. We can easily assume, judging from the poster, that the scene we presented with is only some flashback parts of the main story.

Abdul Manan, a young archeologist, embark on a journey to Buton island to unveil the missing history of Gajah Mada, a legendary military leader of Majapahit empire, last day on earth upon his meeting with an english journalist Gerry Johnson who possessed an old scripture.

Directed by Monty Tiwa (Get Married 4) this movie is set to release this October, Check out the trailer below.
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