The Dream Role Becomes A Nightmare In THE ACTOR Trailer

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The Dream Role Becomes A Nightmare In THE ACTOR Trailer
Oh, the lengths that some people are willing to go through to further their career. In the South African horror flick The Actor, someone is taking their preparation for a potential role a few too many steps too far. 

Simon (Aidan Whytock) lives for two things: his dream of becoming an acclaimed actor, and his love for Sarah (Heidi Bottcher), his twelve-year old daughter he only gets to see on the weekends. Unfortunately, as his ex-wife Emily (Shannyn Fourie) often points out, his career is stagnating, and Nathan (Gregory Parvess), his best friend turned agent, isn't trying that hard to help him.

So, when Simon is offered a chance to audition for the role of a man possessed by a demon, he decides to go the distance, hoping that the success it will bring will make him a hero once again in the eyes of his daughter. But what begins as lighthearted research into demonology soon turns into a nightmare when the character he develops begins to take over and the lines between acting and reality become blurred.

Soon, Simon loses all control and nobody in his life is safe. When you deal with the devil there are no second takes.

There are going to be a few horror films with this same concept; the voluntary messing about with demonology and the inevitable negative outcome. The Possession of Michael King comes immediately to mind. We are eager to see what these folks from South Africa bring to the possession table. 
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