First Trailer & Stills From Nick Cheung-Directed HUNGRY GHOST RITUAL

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After a string of successes in front of the camera, including Nightfall, Unbeatable and The White Storm, Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung has become one of the hottest and most sought-after performers in town. He wields so much power in the local industry that the 46-year-old is now venturing behind the camera to write and direct his first feature. The result is Hungry Ghost Ritual, a straight up supernatural horror flick in which Cheung also stars, alongside Carrie Ng, Annie Liu and Cathryn Lee. 

July marks the Chinese Ghost Festival in the Lunar calendar, when the door to hell is opened and ghosts can wander into the human world in an effort to deter them from haunting people during the rest of the year. To entertain the ghosts, traditional drama performances are staged in large temporary bamboo theatres. 

Cheung plays the reluctant director of such a troupe, who assumes control after his father suffers a heart attack. He must contend with in-fighting within the group in addition to the normal obstacles such a production encounters, as well as a series of strange spooky happenings back stage.

Hungry Ghost Ritual opens in timely fashion on 10 July in Hong Kong. Check out a series of stills from the film below, as well as the first trailer.
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