Yubari 2014: Explore Japan's Winter Wonderland Of Classic Movie Paintings

Writer; London/Tokyo (@seven_cinemas)
Situated on Japan's snow-covered northern island of Hokkaido, the tiny city of Yubari, a ghost town since the collapse of the coal mining industry some decades ago, is host every year to one of the most unique little film festivals of the world - Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.
As mayhem descends on the tiny resort, with busloads of filmmakers, actors, press and students arriving from Tokyo and beyond it's easy to get sucked into the frantic film schedule and heavy drinking and forget to look into the cold whiteness around. Take a walk and keep your eyes open and you'll find there's more than just the snow covered scenery to reward you. 

Scattered along the sides of roads and the walls of shops and buildings you'll find lovingly rendered tributes to the hits of cinema's glorious past. From Japanese classics from the likes of Kurosawa and Ozu to Hollywood westerns, musicals and more, the beautiful painted posters can be found all across the snow white landscape. 

Check out the gallery below for the works spotted during this year's festival.

James Marsh contributed to this story.

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