The Apocalypse Reaches Denmark In DANNY'S DOOMSDAY

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There's an apocalypse coming and it'll affect everyone, young and old, all around the world. Even Denmark. And even if it means you're stuck in a basement with teh brother you don't particularly like.

Due to climate change a new race of flesh eating predators arise, who invade and eat everything living on earth. In a residential neighbourhood in a Danish suburb nightmare like scenes are being experienced first hand through the eyes of Danny and William Grahn, two teenage brothers, who can't stand each other, but are now suddenly forced to barricade themselves in the basement together, to avoid getting eaten. From one day to another, without parents and without electricity, food, water and contact to other people, the brothers have to learn to live together in their vital protection bunker, while shadows of monsters move past the basement windows and heavy, sharp claws can be heard moving around upstairs on the wooden floors. While William is set upon getting out of the basement, to look for their mother, whom might still be out there; Danny's convinced that the best chance to survive is for them to stay as long as possible down in the basement. In a changed, deadly world where the food chain has been turned upside down the brothers will have to learn to trust one another, let go of their fears and learn life's true values in order to become real men and (maybe) survive doomsday.
In production now, Danny's Doomsday is directed by Martin Barnewitz. Take a look at a pair of stills below.

Photo by Henrik Ohsten

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