Watch The Full Trailer For Singapore Crime Thriller RE:SOLVE

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Watch The Full Trailer For Singapore Crime Thriller RE:SOLVE
Billed as the first action crime thriller from Singapore, Randy Ang's Re:Solve opens in local cinemas on February 27th and we've got a full trailer - subtitles included - to follow the previous teaser.

Singapore's first crime thriller follows Serious Crimes Unit Inspector Chen Shaoqiang (Chris Lee Chih Cheng) as he tries to figure out a series of daring armed heists and seemingly unrelated murders. Shaoqiang must revisit his troubled past as a member of the elite Special Tactics Unit, after a botched raid seven years earlier that shattered the unity of his team, taking the life of his mentor Wu Tianle (Sunny Pang). The resulting cover up destroys his relationship with Tianle's sister Wu Qizhen (Mico Chang Wei Chun).Shaoqiang's past collides with the present, as heists are targeted at financial firm BWB Capital, where Qizhen and another former team mate, Wang Zhengming (Jimmy Wong), now work. Shaoqiang, and his new partner Yan Yongcheng (Yuan Shuai), must race against the clock to the catch the perpetrators as the heists escalate into a tense hostage situation, where the stakes not only involve the nation's security, but also the lives of his friends.

This one's looking pretty slick, check it out below.

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