First Trailer Proves There's Still Life In VERONICA MARS

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First Trailer Proves There's Still Life In VERONICA MARS
I love Veronica Mars. Wholeheartedly, unashamedly and somewhat obsessively. When the show first aired back in 2004 it was often mentioned in the same breath as The Wire as one of the best things on TV that nobody was watching. While Season 3 - when high school detective Mars (played by an impossibly spunky Kristen Bell) headed to college - couldn't quite match the levels of ingenuity and charm that its first two seasons offered, there was definitely legs in the material, and it was cancelled way too soon.

After the show was axed, creator Rob Thomas presented Warner Bros with a feature film script, but the studio passed. In March last year, Thomas and Bell launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $2 million budget, which they reached in just 10 hours. Their efforts eventually netted them over $5.7 million. A year later and Veronica Mars will be hitting cinema screens on 14 March, and personally, I cannot wait.

Watching this first trailer, it appears that Thomas & Co have recaptured the original tone of the show perfectly, and the familiar faces of Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring, Tina Majorino and Enrico Colantoni among others are all present and correct and looking to bust open a whole new case. With Mars now working as a top flight lawyer in the big city, the film wisely sees her dragged back to her home town of Neptune, California, at the behest of the weasely Logan Echolls (Dohring). Frankly, that's all I need to know. I'm sold.
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