Los Angeles EigaFest: ScreenAnarchy Picks The Highlights

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This weekend, the Japan Film Society is presenting its third L.A. EigaFest with a collection of live-action and animated features, kicking off with the U.S. premiere of Unforgiven, with the film's director Lee Sang-il in attendance. Plus, you've got another chance to see Studio Ghibli's The Wind Rises if you happened to miss one of the handful of screenings here in North America.

L.A. EigaFest runs from December 6-8 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. You can find more details including the complete lineup and ticketing information here. If you're thinking about hitting up the fest, here are a few highlights it would be worth your while to check out:

Ryland Aldrich contributed to this story.

The Wind Rises
You've heard plenty about it and maybe you even caught it at its LA premiere at last month's AFI Fest, but once just isn't enough when it comes to the "final film" from Studio Ghibli-founder Miyazaki Hayao. You can read more about it in Christopher O'Keefe's review. -Ryland

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