Chow Yun Fat In THE MAN FROM MACAU Trailer: Flying Dice And Whirling Cards

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Chow Yun Fat In THE MAN FROM MACAU Trailer: Flying Dice And Whirling Cards

The first trailer for Wong Jing's The Man From Macau features Chow Yun Fat in a return to the world established in 1989's God of Gamblers.

It is a crazy universe of flying dice and whirling cards, as the low-res trailer hints. Even without English subtitles, the spirit comes through, I think, but reading the rather lengthy official synopsis, via Film Combat Syndicate, certainly helps:

Super Hacker "Show Hand" (Nicholas TSE) and Karl (Chapman TO) went to Las Vegas with their mentor, the retired swindler, Benz. They were there to visit Benz's old buddy Hendrick (CHOW Yun Fat), a renowned master-level conman who left behind his troubled past to work as a Security Consultant for a casino.

Nobody had managed to cheat in his casino under Hendrick's watchful eyes. Looking forward to his retirement, Hendrick invited Benz over to Las Vegas for a farewell bash.
During their stay in Vegas, Show Hand bumped into his good friend Ken. The two met and trained together in the Police Academy. Ken had recently joined a mysterious hedge fund group and was on a business trip with his boss Chairman Ko, the mastermind laundering money for corrupt officials and triad members in Asia. His ultimate plan was to cause a plummet in the New York Stock Exchange. Unbeknownst to Show Hand, Ken was an undercover Interpol agent, collaborating with the Mainland police officer, Yan to gather evidence against Mr. Ko. Yan began her investigations in Shanghai and Hong Kong while Ken gained access to Mr. Ko in Vegas. Realising he has a mole in his company, Mr. Ko put a hit on Ken. Ken managed to save the collected evidence in a USB and hide it with Show Hand before his death. The USB was accidentally taken away by Hendrick's daughter, Charlie who had a crush on Show Hand.

Show Hand made an impression on Hendrick and was invited to go to Macau with him. Meanwhile, Mr. Ko sent a hitman to take back the USB from Show Hand. During the attack, the hitman accidently caused Charlie to fall from a building, she lost her memory in the process with no recollection of the USB she had taken.

The film is heading for release on January 30, 2014. We'll update with a higher-resolution version as soon as we can locate one.

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