What Is That Thing Between My Legs? JUNAN Trailer Explains

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What Is That Thing Between My Legs? JUNAN Trailer Explains

If you're a young woman from a conservative background, what do you do when you discover something new between your legs -- a "growth with a human face"?

The NSFW trailer for Junan, which we learned about thanks to Nippon Cinema, explores this touchy issue with sensitivity and empathy jokes and big shining lights. You can watch it below.

Directed by Yoshida Ryoko, the film, whose literal English translation is "Passion," is based on a novel by Himeno Kaoruko, published in 1997. Iwasa Mayuko stars as Francesco, who "grew up in a monastery," according to AsianWiki. "She is now an extremely lonely woman. Francesco is also curious about sex and relationships between men and women. One day, she notices a bump in her genital area that resembles a human face."

The trailer positions the movie as a wacky, wacky comedy, and it does look pretty silly and fun. Junan will be released in Japan on December 7, 2013.

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