Hitler Goes To High School For The Return Of DANGER 5!

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Hitler Goes To High School For The Return Of DANGER 5!
What fresh hell is this? As fans of cult Australian television series Danger 5 are already well aware the first season ended with the titular group of heroes failing (once again) to kill Hitler and now we know where the diminutive dictator has gotten himself.

With series two now in production a new behind the scenes photograph has turned up over on the show's official Facebook page and having failed to conquer Europe - and the world - it appears that the Fuhrer has set his sights on conquering high school, letter jackets and all. I'm sure it's all just part of a larger ploy, though.

We'll be keeping a close eye on things but in the meanwhile check out the trailer for season one below. And I'm told those of you in the US can catch up on the first series now on Hulu.
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