Venice 2013 Dispatch, Last Days: Saying Goodbye To Tsai Ming-liang

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The 70th Venice film festival will be over in 48 hours. With almost all of the competition films having screened, we still have no idea who could actually bring the awards home. On the contrary of the past editions, this could be the first time we're actually lacking a possible frontrunner for the Golden Lion. Critics' darling Philomena could get something, as well as Tom At The Farm or Miss Violence or Ana Arabia or whatever. No idea.
In the meanwhile, the Femen activists are delighting the photographers with their boobs, Juno Mak is entertaining the Chinese audience around the laguna, and Andrzej Wajda is getting his special award. Back to the viewing:

Tsai Ming-liang: 1992 - 2013. We Bid You Adieu

When you watch a Tsai Ming-liang film, you know exactly how it will be: Very long static shots, a very silent mood, Lee Kang-sheng smoking or crying or taking a piss or taking a shit or just sleeping, etc.. His latest work, Stray Dogs, is exactly the same, and you'll probably love it or hate it for the same exact reasons you loved or hated What Time Is It There? or I Don't Want To Sleep Alone. That's because Tsai Ming-liang's approach to cinema hasn't evolved in 20 years of a career, motionless and fixed like his camera, always staying with the same concept and mise-en-scène... maybe tired and tiring.

I confess to being a great fan of the Taiwanese auteur, and that's why I'm happy about his decision to retire from making films. It is quite evident, now, that Tsai has nothing left to say anymore, to himself or the audience. His cinematographic career is perfect, and perfection means that there is nothing left to add, that we've reached a point of risky recycle. Tsai Ming-liang is over. Long live Tsai Ming-liang. Thank you for the memories

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