LA Happenings: Prepare For HarmonQuest! Plus, Everything Is Fest And Preston Sturges

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Get the scoop on special and repertory screenings happening this August 2nd weekend and beyond in Los Angeles. 

HarmonQuest: Live RPGs, Movies And More! (August 3rd - 17th at The Cinefamily)

While many Los Angeles rep cinemas appear to be curiously quiet this first stretch of August, Cinefamily screams one barbaric yelp after another with the assistance of one gnarly bearded beast of a man... Community creator Dan Harmon! A bonafide staple in LA geek culture due to his rabble rousing podcast/live show Harmontown, the man who birthed us Abed takes to the Cinefamily stage to host a fantastic cavalcade of sword n' sorcery flicks, role-playing games, and other fine celebrations of geekdom.

Things kick off good and proper on Saturday August 3rd with a role-playing session and screening of cult film Mazes And Monsters, which just happens to star a D&D mad Tom Hanks.

In between the sessions of HarmonQuest proper, Cinefamily will be screening Dragonslayer (Best dragon on film, yes indeed), Legend and The Last Unicorn. These nights and weekends of gleeful geekery culminate when Harmon presents a screening of the new role-playing doc Zero Charisma and the beefy/breasty/shiny Excalibur. This, of course, after more RPGs, the last round which will be a special Harmontwon offshoot. Oh, and don't be surprised if Patton Oswalt, Rob Schraab and Chris Hardwick make appearances.

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