Witness The Abhorrent Mythology Of Chiloé Island In HIJO DE TRAUCO

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Witness The Abhorrent Mythology Of Chiloé Island In HIJO DE TRAUCO
Island cultures have long been fertile breeding grounds for magic, myths and creepy stories. And Chile's Chiloé Island is one of the most prolific when it comes to horrendous creatures, evil beings and fantastic explanations of natural phenomena (usually involving crawling beasts, witches and ghost ships).

Many Chilean arts and crafts have taken inspiration from these southern tales, from collectible card games to endless books and stories involving the most despicable creatures of the large chilote bestiary, which, out of the more than thirty mythological characters, most of them are evildoers. 

One of the most common ones is the Trauco, an incubbus related imp that hypnotizes young virgin women by hitting his phallic-shaped stick against trees and fences. Hijo de Trauco (Son of Trauco), Alan Fischer's sophomore film, revolves around a bullied kid who is called the trauco's son, since no one knows who his father is. The moment he learns that everything he knew about his lost father was a lie, he goes in a journey through the big Chilean island on a path between myth and reality.

You should definitely check the first trailer released. Sadly it's only in Spanish, but just visually it captures pretty much everything.

The film is still allegedly in post-production, and will meet the audience in August, as it has been admitted in the Chilean Cinema Competition of the Santiago International Film Festival SANFIC9, let's hope it does well enough to venture through the rest of the world.
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