Wenders, Redford, Glawogger And More Join For 3D Documentary Project CATHEDRALS OF CULTURE

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Wenders, Redford, Glawogger And More Join For 3D Documentary Project CATHEDRALS OF CULTURE
While 3D technology has largely been used by Hollywood in the service of banging and crashing and blowing things up films such as Pina and Cave Of Forgotten Dreams have demonstrated that the technology has far more wide ranging uses than just that. In the right hands and directed towards the right subjects 3D can be used to share location and experience, to place the audience in a place rather than simply having them look at it. And that is precisely the point of upcoming documentary series Cathedrals Of Culture.

A six part project with installments to be directed by Robert Redford, Wim Wenders, Michael Glawogger, James Marsh (no, not that James Marsh), Karim Ainouz and Michael Madsen (no, not that Michael Madsen) the series will explore six buildings that the directors consider significant, including - as pictured above - the Halden Prison in Norway, considered the world's most humane.

Danish Michael Madsen (Halden Prison in Norway), Austrian Michael Glawogger (the National Library of Russia), German Wim Wenders (the Berliner Philharmonie), Brazilian Karim Ainouz (Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris), English James Marsh (the Oslo Opera) and American Robert Redford (the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California) have joined forces in a new large-scale documentary series, "Cathedrals of Culture".

Each of the six filmmakers portrays a prominent building in a 26-minute film. The directors will take the viewer into a piece of architecture they consider especially significant and present their personal interpretation of the building's soul. The films will also explore the social context of the buildings in the interaction between the buildings and their users. If a building could talk, what would it say about us?

Commissioned for television broadcast the series will be produced in native 3D but will also exist in a 2D version for broadcasters unable to handle 3D technology.
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