The Five Most Memorable Performances In Filipino Indie Cinema

Contributor; Italy, The Philippines
One of the benefits that the current new wave has brought to Filipino cinema is surely an array of new, savage and extreme roles for actors in the local industry. Enough with the love teams, the Enteng Kabisote's and the Panday's, now is the time for the outsiders. It doesn't surprise at all that most of the memorable performances from the recent Filipino cinema come from the indie productions. It's magical alchemy and metempsychosis when the perfect role goes to the perfect actor or actress. Here are our favorite five, although we know it could have been ten or even twenty. 

Gina Pareño in Kubrador (The Bet Collector) (Jeffrey Jeturian, 2006)

Gina Pareño could have been in this list for any number of other roles -- Brillante Mendoza's Service, for example, for which she won an Asian Film Award for Best Actress. We've chosen Kubrador for her brilliant portrayal of this woman lost in the Filipino filthy slums dreaming the ghost of a son she will never have again. Heartbreaking and powerful.

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