Fukk THE INTERNSHIP, Watch Max Barry's SYRUP Instead This Weekend

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Fukk THE INTERNSHIP, Watch Max Barry's SYRUP Instead This Weekend
What a delicious irony. The same weekend the shameless product placement vehicle The Internship hits North American cinemas, discerning audiences will also be able to seek out Syrup, an adaptation of the brilliantly satirical Max Barry novel of the same name which takes square aim at marketing bullshit. 

Directed by Aram Michael Rappaport, Syrup stars Amber Heard, Shiloh Fernandez, Kellan Lutz and Brittany Snow, and while the short synopsis doesn't do the story justice here it is: 

A lowly marketing exec enlists the help of a scarily beautiful, brainy co-worker to save his million-dollar idea from corporate espionage in this scathingly funny send up of sex, celebrity, and greed. 

For those wondering about the headline, Fukk is the name of a fictional energy drink used in the book and film, on which the story pivots. Indeed in Germany the book was published as Fukk.

Magnolia has been doing VOD sneaks of Syrup since May 2 and releases it into select theatres in US and Canada this weekend. It's also currently on iTunes. Now I've not seen the movie yet (being based in Australia and all, where it releases in November) but I have read the Max Barry novels Syrup, Jennifer Government and Company, and have followed the long path his books have taken towards the screen. The fact Barry co-wrote the screenplay with Rappaport is a very good sign the satirical substance of the book has been retained, and early reviews have confirmed this. 

While this article runs the risk of being "all sugar, no substance" like one of the products in Max Barry's novels, I did want to highlight this indie film scampering among the Hollywood giants and other limited releases this weekend, although I can't offer a review at this stage. Hopefully this is enough to pique your interest and check out something new. Watch the trailer below.
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