LA Happenings: Kubrick And Keaton At LACMA, Yakuza Flicks And Superman Cartoons At The Egyptian

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It's time for another edition of LA Happenings! And as nearly everything looks prettier in our new gallery system, I figured why not give it a spin here?

So what's on the horizon for the back nine of June and our first (hopefully temperate) days in July? Plenty! Below is just a sampling. So know that if I've missed some fine cinematic happening in our fair city of angels, then just leave a comment as it's always better to share!

No doubt you've been down to LACMA's uber-cool, monstro-massive exhibit on one Mr. Stanley Kubrick, and if not... then get to it! Aside from featuring private photographs, props, scripts, the director's own collection of lenses etc. etc. the museum is hosting a plethora of screenings.

Next up, Saturday June 22nd (holy smokes that is tomorrow) it's Barry Lyndon: the movie that proved you can light your set with a buttload of candles.

On Friday, June 28th, it's the feel-good-soldier movie of the 80s: Full Metal Jacket.

If you're wanting to start your evening with something completely different, proceeding FMJ is Buster Keaton's Steamboat Bill Jr. Which is, you know, probably that other film's main influence.

Get the lowdown on all of LACMA's film screenings here.

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